our approach to agile

agilethink® takes a truly agile approach to addressing project management challenges. We understand that no matter how flexible a particular methodology is, if it doesn’t integrate with the larger management picture, it will not be achieve the desired outcome.

For example; the increased visibility of project management at the executive level has led to the creation of the Program Management Office (PMO). If the enterprise is measuring results based upon a defined system of metrics, the approach adopted must be able to provide those same metrics in order to be successful.

We strive to adopt the most productive approach to delivering solutions, keeping the goal of delivering the desired quality of results in the shortest possible time-frame foremost in our minds.


agilethink® has chosen the Scrum methodology to drive projects that have the freedom to operate in a truly agile way.

Scrum is the outcome of research into holistic approaches of new product development in automotive, computer and printer industries.

Recently the approach has shown strength in the software maintenance sector with great improvements in the efficiency of delivering incremental changes to a live system and supporting the regular maintenance of those applications.

Our experience is that the resource planning demands of a large project effect the usability of truly agile methods, such as Scrum.
agilethink® advocates the development of hybrid project approaches incorporating more traditional methodologies with agile methods.

We provide expertise in the latest project management standards including

Our experience has shown that even within a more structured approach we can adopt agile methods on specific areas and encapsulate these results within the larger plan.