our approach to architecture

agilethink® offers certified expertise in several information systems architecture disciplines. Our goal is to blend the lessons learned already from agile software development scenarios to the field of IT architecture.

We aim to create architectures using the just-in-time manufacturing philosophy. Many enterprise architecture teams atrophy under the weight of their creations. Our approach is to deliver just enough architecture to enable the successful transition of an organization in a complete and holistic way, without giving in to the temptation to plan beyond the means of the organization to adopt.

Our agilethink architects bring consistency across these domains by adopting the TOGAF framework and ADM method for stepwise elaboration of these architectures. Our architects are TOGAF certified as well as offering industry and vendor specific knowledge.

solution architecture

think® brings extensive experience in Enterprise Resource Planning programs to offer targeted architectural roadmaps onto and off of ERP assets.

If you are and ERP centric organization looking to accelerate adoption of cloud based solutions, we have successful patterns ready to help rationalize the approach and quickly get to execution of key initiatives.

Early wins for the enterprise lead to trust in the approach and further investment on the vision.

Our Solution Architecture practice follows the practice of building out comprehensive systems based on a thorough understanding of the business need and challenges in order to validate proposed architectures and ensure that all functional and non-functional requirements are met before committing to investment.

integration architecture

agilethink® has developed significant skills in the design and adoption of integration architecture.

We believe that a solid integration architecture is the foundation of any successful transition of systems between cloud and on premise applications.

Expertise in the development of service based integration and high volume data integration patterns allow us achieve the rapid transitions a modern agile enterprise strives for.

Originally based on the Oracle Reference Architectures, our designs have incorporated middleware and systems from Oracle, IBM, Salesforce.com and many SaaS offerings.

infrastructure architecture

agilethink® architects have worked with the design and construction of various industry leading practices in infrastructure architecture. We have seen success with fully virtualized clustered environments as well as integrated engineered systems for specific workloads. Our philosophy is the same as our other architecture disciplines and we attempt to offer just the right amount of architecture to successfully support the transition in progress. This often means the incorporation of new technologies within an existing infrastructure, and managing the challenges brought to data center operation. In other scenarios, we seek to leverage existing technologies in new and innovative ways to achieve the same goal.

We have experience managing hardware and software portfolios and developing enterprise standards for upcoming project and programs to follow.

We have designed various high performance solutions including clustered database architectures, advanced data replication and disaster recovery solutions.